Friday, June 25, 2010

Romney leading British betting parlor odds as Obama challenger in 2012

The British betting site Ladbrokes as of June 25 had the following odds for winning the 2012 presidential election. Obama is now under even odds -- meaning if you bet $100 on Obama and he wins you win $110. In horse-racing parlance there is something known as a "good price" -- which is horse that is not expected to win but has a thinking man's shot at doing so with some good odds. Romney qualifies on that score at 8 to 1. A little riskier bet with longer odds but reasonable chances is Mitch Daniels, the Indiana Republican governor at 25 to 1. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 33 to 1 is worth a look in the Ladbrokes context.

Here are the Ladbrokes odds:

Barack Obama 10/11

Mitt Romney 8/1
Sarah Palin 16/1
Mike Huckabee 20/1
Tim Pawlenty 20/1
Hillary Clinton 25/1
Bobby Jindal 25/1
Newt Gingrich 25/1
Haley Barbour 25/1
Jon Thune 25/1
Mitch Daniels 25/1
Joe Biden 33/1
Michael Bloomberg 33/1
David Petraeus 33/1
Jeb Bush 33/1
Jon Huntsman 33/1
Mike Pence 33/1
Scott Brown 33/1
Charlie Crist 40/1
Rick Perry 50/1
Rudy Giuliani 66/1
Eric Cantor 66/1
Tom Ridge 66/1
Rand Paul 66/1
Mark Warner 100/1
John McCain 100/1
Al Gore 100/1
Rob Portman 100/1
Kay Bailey Hutchison 100/1
Sam Brownback 100/1
Rick Santorum 100/1
Gary Johnson 100/1
Stanley McChrystal 100/1
Tom Coburn 100/1
Fred Thompson 125/1
Dirk Kempthorne 125/1
Ron Paul 150/1
Brian Schweitzer 150/1
Michele Bachmann 150/1
Dick Cheney 150/1
Paul Ryan 150/1
Mark Sanford 200/1
Lou Dobbs 200/1

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