Friday, June 25, 2010

Congressman King still our employee, not a shock jock yet

In evaluating employees one of the more important measures is time management.

And it is in this way that we should judge Congressman Steve King’s cheap charge Monday that President Obama has a “default mechanism” that favors “the black person.”

King offered no evidence of this suggestion of presidential racism other than Obama’s ill-considered entry into what’s now a year-old dispute between a Harvard professor and a white cop in Cambridge, Mass., that led to a brief national discussion about law enforcement and race — and that laughable White House “Beer Summit.”

Indeed, Obama has come under criticism from African-American leaders for not having a “black” agenda, for being a product of elite Ivy schools. He’s more Wall Street than street, say some of his critics.

King, who gets testy when others challenge his motivations on racial matters, had no problems doing just that with Obama on Monday on the talk show of Watergate alum G. Gordon Liddy. Our congressman also spent the week doing a number of other interviews in which he defended, amplified and elaborated on the statements.

Read the full column in the Carroll Daily Times Herald ...

King once made a great point in challenging some of my work. We can’t divine what is in the hearts of others on race, went King’s line of reasoning. King asked me to respect that in evaluating his remarks with race, but he fails to apply the same standard to himself in commenting on the commander in chief.

We can debate whether King is accurate with his portrayal of Obama as a closet black militant. But, really, is this the sort of business we want Mr. King, our $174,000-a-year employee, doing for us on the job?

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