Wednesday, July 01, 2009

32-year-old Cedar Rapids political newcomer files as Republican for governor's race

Campaign press release ...

(Cedar Rapids, IA) Cedar Rapids businessman Christian Fong has launched his campaign for Governor, calling for a restoration of the Iowa Dream.

Fong is the son of a Chinese immigrant who fled Communist China as his family was being killed for their Christian faith. “I’ve been blessed to live the Iowa Dream where hard work and determination are rewarded. But sadly, today I see that dream being put farther out of reach for future generations. And that’s why I’m going to spend the next year traveling the state asking for Iowans’ support, because I believe I can provide the leadership needed to restore the Iowa dream,” said Fong.

Fong continued, “Restoring the Iowa Dream starts by replacing the CEO of our state. I share the belief of the majority of Iowans that we are in desperate need of new leadership in state government. The current administration thinks we can overspend and bond and borrow our way to prosperity. As a businessman, I know that’s the wrong approach to pull Iowa through this recession.

The experience I would bring to the Governor’s office is not the experience of elected office, not the experience of broken government, but the experience of commonsense private sector conservative principles to lead our state.”

Fong was instrumental in helping Cedar Rapids recover from the devastating floods of 2008. He led over 5,100 volunteers as the CEO of Corridor Recovery, offering his leadership skills to help people in need during the 4th largest natural disaster in U.S. history. In addition, Governor Culver also appointed Christian to serve on the Generation Iowa Commission, where he has worked with peers to address Iowa’s “brain drain”.

Fong concluded, “Iowa families cannot shoulder the burden that state government is placing on them. State government is broken, and we need new leadership. I’m going to spend the next year applying for the job with the people of Iowa.”

Fong graduated from Underwood High School in Southwest Iowa at the age of 16 and then attended Creighton University, graduating at age 19. After college he and his wife, Jenelle, located in Cedar Rapids and Christian started work at AEGON. After locating in Cedar Rapids, Fong attended Dartmouth. After earning his MBA, Christian and his family returned to AEGON and Cedar Rapids, where they reside today and attend River of Life Ministries church. The Fongs have three children.

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