Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama Campaign: It's the 6 to 10 percent in the middle

The Baltimore Sun lays out some of the Obama campaign's strategy of introducing the Democratic presidential candidate to the nation -- sort of a larger version of what it did here in Iowa.

Team Obama says it isn't paying attention to national polls, and looking at the 2008 race as state-by-state combat.

Here is The Sun:
David Plouffe, a cool-headed operator who helped engineer Obama's nomination victory, says he doesn't put much stock in national polls, since a presidential election is a state-by-state battle. Laying out the public version of his campaign's strategy for a room full of reporters, he zeroed in on the most important target for both Obama and McCain.

"The people in the middle--in some cases we're only talking about six to ten percent of the people in a state--they will decide the election," Plouffe says. "Some of these voters just haven't been consuming the political news . . . So we think we have some very, very important foundational work to do" in spreading Obama's message.

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