Friday, May 23, 2008

Postville Raid Raises Worries In Denison Latino Community, Activist Says

DENISON -- A community activist in this Latino-rich city says last week's historic Postville raid is having an effect as families peopled by those of mixed immigration status are preparing for something similar in western Iowa.

"Some people are making plans not to spend much money," says Luis Navar, who operates Bravo Construction and is actively involved in politics. They want to be flexible if moving in a pinch is in order.

Navar said the well-chronicled imagery coming out of Postville provokes strong emotions in the Latino community here.

"I hear so many comments, people crying," Navar said. "You can see the injustice so bad."

Navar said people coming to the United States to work should not be treated as if they are stealing.

"They need a comprehensive immigration reform," Navar said.

One of his chief concerns is that fearful immigrants will be pushed deeper into the shadows and more exploitive working conditions.

"That's the worst thing," Navar said.

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