Friday, November 08, 2013

Whitaker would only serve two terms?

Just going through my emails and came across this letter sent from a supporter of Matt Whitaker -- a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. So he would serve only two terms?

One of the reasons smaller, rural states are able to get favorable federal action is through seniority — of the likes Senators Harkin and Grassley amassed.

A pledge to serve only two terms shows a fundamental lack of understanding of this vital fact for Iowa.

Good Afternoon,

Joe and I are working with Matt Whitaker on his US Senate campaign to replace Senator Harkin, who is retiring.

Matt has been traveling our state to hear from Iowans and let them know why he running. We are supporting Matt because:

- he believes and teaches his 3 children that America is still the greatest country on earth and we all have a responsibility to maintain the gift
given to us by God and those who have come before us;
- he has committed to only serve two terms;
- he is fighting mad about this Obamacare mess and is willing to go to DC to help support other senators who are working to defund it;
- as an owner of several small businesses he completely understands that our current tax system penalizes business. He will go to DC
to draft/support legislation that revamps the IRS, eliminating penalties to both businesses and individual tax paying Americans.
- he is pro-life and will fight hard to end tax payer funded abortions:

These are just some of the reasons we're working with Matt and his wife, Marci, in their commitment to serve our country, not for their own benefit but to protect what our forefathers fought so hard to pass on to all of us. We appreciate their commitment to this race and the people of Iowa.

For more information on Matt Whitaker's senate race please go to: You can also call me with more specific questions at 515-202-3733 (cell).

Have a great weekend!!!

Susan Geddes

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