Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cityview Column: Is smoking ban obsolete, questions for Reynolds and I-Jobs

The latest installment of my Political Mercury column in Des Moines' Cityview newspaper looks at the smoking ban, poses some questions for our new lieutenant governor and makes some observations about I-Jobs. You can read the full column online through Cityview ....

But here is a sample:

Has the Iowa smoking ban had its intended effect?

In other words, is the law obsolete? Did it provide the needed cover two years ago to bars and gathering places frightened to make the smoke-free move?

Could it be lifted simply based on the fact that many places wouldn’t go back, and those that do would feed a niche market of sorts?


Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that a person arrested for the first time for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated has done this an average of 87 times before getting caught. Is that about the right number for you, Mrs. Reynolds? And should we double it?

As Clarke County treasurer did you ever come to work drunk or hungover or otherwise suffering the ill effects of consumption of spirits? And as a self-described protector of the public dime, did you reimburse taxpayers for any diminished performance stemming from the boozin’?

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