Friday, July 09, 2010

Fallout on Reynolds' comments on civil unions

Iowa Independent editor Jason Hancock has two detailed stories on fallout from GOP candidate for lieutenant governor Kim Reynolds' openness to gay civil unions. She made the remarks in an interview with the Carroll Daily Times Herald this week (see post below).

Here is Iowa Independent

When GOP lieutenant governor candidate Kim Reynolds suggested she would be open to the idea of civil unions for same-sex couples, she set off a firestorm of criticism from both the conservatives she was trying to woo and liberals who oppose efforts to overturn marriage equity in Iowa.

Bob Vander Plaats chats with Kim Reynolds before the primary in Mount Ayr (photo by Dave Davidson,

And despite the efforts of Terry Branstad’s campaign to diffuse the situation, that criticism continues. Some are even suggesting the statements could be the last straw for Bob Vander Plaats as he contemplates running for governor as an independent this fall.

Iowa Independent had an earlier piece
quoting conservatives attacking Reynolds for the remarks.


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