Monday, June 28, 2010

Senator Robert Byrd passes

Here are some links to stories to the passing of the longest-serving member in the history of Congress:

New York Times:

Robert C. Byrd, who used his record tenure as a United States senator to fight for the primacy of the legislative branch of government and to build a modern West Virginia with vast amounts of federal money, died early Monday. He was 92.


In the middle of the night, West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd (D) -- the longest serving member of Congress (from 1953-2010) -- passed away. He was 92. And much like Ted Kennedy's death nearly a year ago, Byrd's passing complicates the math for Democrats in the Senate, at least temporarily. Democrats now have a 58-41 majority in the chamber, so two votes shy of the 60 needed to break a filibuster. That could make passing the financial reform legislation -- which seemed more than likely this week, with President Obama hoping to sign it into law before July 4 -- a bit more difficult

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