Friday, February 06, 2009

Rich movie 'Slumdog' comes to town

Academy Award-nominated "Slumdog Millionaire," a tour de force of a film, hits the screen at the Carroll 5 Theatres on Friday night.

Starring the talented Dev Patel as an orphan (Jamal Malik) in Bombay, India -which transforms into modern-day Mumbai over the span of the film - the movie crosses international barriers with an engrossing story of a boy's seemingly impossible journey to manhood.

Early in the film, we see squalor in the slums of Bombay, conditions so dire that they are unimaginable to most Westerners - myself definitely included. The jarring shots of poverty, brimming with color and striking cinematography, have an almost disorienting quality for the viewer. This is a world so awful it is beyond the boundaries of what goes on in even our sweatiest nightmares here in Iowa.

We see how young Jamal loses his mother, and there is one unforgettable scene that literally shows us the stink of life in the world's gutter.

The kid quickly earns our rooting interest.

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