Sunday, February 15, 2009

Latham opposes stimulus -- and here's why

From Latham's office ...

The following are the remarks of Congressman Tom Latham during debate of Economic Stimulus Measure considered by the U.S. House of Representatives today.

“I want folks to step back from this debate for just a second here. You know, at the end of last year we spent over $700 Billion on the Wall Street Bailout. Who knows if that has had any positive effect? No one knows for sure. Just this past Tuesday, the Secretary of the Treasury said we will need to spend another $2 Trillion for the next financial industry bailout. Today, we are going to spend $790 billion. This means with interest today’s bill will spend over $1 Trillion. In another couple of weeks we will be looking at spending $400 billion on an omnibus spending bill. And soon after that there will be another war supplemental. Let’s add that up. We are talking about spending $4 trillion by Congress in less than three months time.

This is the most selfish bill I have ever seen generationally. Today we are saying to our children and grandchildren: “We don’t care about you or your future because we just want self-gratification now. We want to feel better today. We can’t take any pain ourselves or truly work together to find a better way to address this crisis.”

Our kids and grandchildren are going to be the ones who end up paying for this and it will no doubt limit their opportunities. For their sakes, I ask that you vote no on this bill today. Let’s work together for better and quicker solutions that help everyone w

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