Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cityview publishes cover story on Michelle Obama's chief of staff

In the latest issue of the Des Moines newspaper Cityview I authored the cover story on Michelle Obama's chief of staff, Jackie Norris of Des Moines.

Here is Cityview:

Where global proximity to power is considered, a Des Moines woman is now just one degree of separation from the political sun.

When he retires late in the evening to the private quarters of the White House, President Barack Obama, now the human being who more than 6.7 billion others can dare to author destiny, will no doubt seek the comforting counsel of his wife Michelle on matters from family dogs and blue ties to wars and economic stress.

And for her part, the nation’s new First Lady — the president’s “rock” or campaign “closer” — is placing her historically undefined job, and the spectacular public expectations accompanying it, in the trusted hands of political operative and former Central Iowa school teacher Jackie Norris, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff.

It is no canyon leap to suggest that what Norris helps prioritize for Mrs. Obama, from white-paper policy to black-tie pomp, may very well be the last thoughts in the commander in chief’s waking brain.

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