Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Choosing between King and Vander Plaats?

The Sioux City Journal's Bret Hayworth has a thoughtful post on his Politically Speaking blog about the evolving GOP field for governor.

So we have a piece in which Iowa 5th District Congressman Steve King remains coy about a possible run for the governorship before voters in 2010. He’s been the subject of speculation about running for governor for roughly as long as he’s been in the U.S. House, and King won’t deny there’s a certain appeal. For now, he’s saying he’s not closing the door to any political office opportunity.

If King runs, that could put him in the contest with three guys living in the same congressional district: State Rep. Rod Roberts, just down the road in Carroll from King’s Kiron, business consultant Bob Vander Plaats of Sioux City and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey of Spirit Lake. Of course, Vander Plaats has run twice before, and has some backers and others who say he needs to step aside for fresher faces. And other GOP guys (I haven’t heard a female Republican mentioned) like Chuck Larson Jr., Ames businessman Bruce Rastetter and state auditor David Vaudt may enter the fray, making for a wide-open primary.

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custer said...

I think Steve King should run for Governor. He will quickly learn that those parts of Iowa not in the Northwest part of the State see through his stupidity and blast him out of office ASAP. He is a certified menace to this state and our nation.