Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama: A leader who is a reader

Readers are leaders ...

Of all things President Barack Obama can teach Americans, among the most valuable will be the power of reading.

It is clear Obama's life has been one rich with reading.

The New York Times explores that in some detail today:

As Fred Kaplan’s illuminating new biography (“Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer”) makes clear, Lincoln, like Mr. Obama, was a lifelong lover of books, indelibly shaped by his reading — most notably, in his case, the Bible and Shakespeare — which honed his poetic sense of language and his philosophical view of the world. Both men employ a densely allusive prose, richly embedded with the fruit of their reading, and both use language as a tool by which to explore and define themselves. Eventually in Lincoln’s case, Mr. Kaplan notes, “the tool, the toolmaker, and the tool user became inseparably one. He became what his language made him.”

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