Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New GOP congressman says party must ditch xenophobia

New Congressman Joseph Cao -- a Republican from Louisiana and a Vietnamese immigrant (like my sister Jane) -- has some strong views on how his party should handle the immigration issue -- according to an interview with Think Progress.

Here is a transcript of what Cao said when asked to respond to some ugly language from hate-talk host Michael Savage:

First of all, when I first came [to the United States], I never used a toilet. There were no toilets in Vietnam, there were no toilet papers back in Vietnam. We used water. So I would fall into the category that whoever stated quite well. But I have assimilated, and assimilated well, I believe.

You know, the Republican party should not have those kinds of views that you just conveyed. A statement like that would be very anti-immigrant, almost to me borderlining to almost being racist, if you ask me. So I take that statement as being quite repulsive, if you ask my opinion. So I hope that the GOP will not tolerate those kinds of views and will not take those positions.

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