Thursday, December 11, 2008

Palin ranks #1 on Google searches outside of the U.S.

Now comes news, via The Vancouver Sun, that former GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin draws more interest from foreigners than she does here. In fact, according to Google, she tops searches outside the states.

With Bobby Jindal saying he's looking at another run for governor in Louisiana in 2011, the question is out there: Who else but Palin?

Here is The Vancouver Sun:

Google just released its list of top-10 most popular search names for the year. Outside the U.S., Palin, a feisty and photogentic Pentecostal hockey mom, was number one. Within the U.S., she was only number eight on Google's fastest-rising list.

In the United States, "Obama" was number one on the Google list. But the U.S. Democratic president-elect came in only fifth on the international Google search list.

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