Friday, December 19, 2008

Fort Dodge Messenger rips Obama's appointment of Vilsack

In an editorial today The Fort Dodge Messenger clearly felt obligated to preface a blast on Barack Obama's selection of Tom Vilsack as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture with the obvious Iowa angles, the benefits of having a Hawkeye Stater in the top farm post, etc.

But in the last few paragraphs The Messenger (which endorsed John McCain) tells you what it really thinks of Vilsack as the likely ag chief. The newspaper thinks it'a pure political payback, and that Vilsack has, in The Messenger's opinion, a lack of depth on agriculture.

Here is The Messenger:

It's not so certain, however, that Vilsack brings to this new assignment the broad-ranging knowledge of agriculture that would be desirable for one occupying this crucial post.

This nomination seems to be primarily a "thank you" to Iowa for its help in giving Obama's presidential drive the boost it needed at a critical time. As an indication of real commitment by soon-to-be president to addressing agricultural issues with creativity and innovative leadership, however, it comes up short.

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Anonymous said...

Don't shoot the Messenger:)
They are right.