Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vetting Jindal

In doing some research prior to the upcoming Bobby Jindal Iowa visit, Iowa Political Alert came across these:

At The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Stephanie Grace has this:

Ever since the presidential race ended and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin shed her strong-armed handlers from the McCain campaign, boy, has she been talking.

And the more she talks, the better Gov. Bobby Jindal looks.

Facing a serious-minded Democratic president-elect, many in the GOP are looking for a serious-minded leader of the loyal opposition. The more time Palin spends trying to live down her campaign season wardrobe excesses, proving she's a regular gal by scooping out moose chili on camera, and still -- still -- struggling to answer questions on policy, the more she inspires the question: Who else have the Republicans got?

And Brendan Miniter in The Wall Street Journal:
Mr. Jindal is a boy wonder of the party. At 25, he was appointed to fix Louisiana's failing Medicaid program, and succeeded. At 32, he lost a hard-fought campaign for governor but later landed a Congressional seat from which he criticized bureaucratic bungling in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Last year, after Katrina had destroyed Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco's reputation, he won his second bid for the office by promising sweeping reform of Louisiana's corrupt and inefficient government culture.

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