Monday, October 13, 2008

Storm Lake Times endorses Hubler

Art Cullen, editor of the Storm Lake Times, has a a good piece on the need for moderation in politics, and western Iowa. He uses it as a launching point to the following endorsement of Rob Hubler, a Fifth District Democrat challenging U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, for Congress.

Here it is:

Hubler for Congress

By Art Cullen

Everything in moderation, our mother used to say. So it should be with government and with Congress in particular. Western Iowa deserves a congressman who believes in moderation and representing all the people — Democrat, Republican or independent — and that person is running this year: Rob Hubler, a retired Presbyterian minister from Council Bluffs.

Hubler is running uphill against Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, who is anything but moderate. We have chronicled over the past six years the many outrageous and embarrassing statements King has made and extreme positions he has taken. King has been a full participant in the debacle that has occurred over the life of the Bush Administration that led us into a costly war we did not need to fight, and into a financial catastrophe borne of deregulation and putting too much power into the hands of a few.

So if you like what’s been happening — the financial meltdown, the war in Iraq, the erosion of civil liberties, the scorn heaped on hard-working Latinos, the intolerance of people who are not just like you — then you should vote for Steve King this November.

If you want a change from the Bush Years, then there is no question that you should vote for Rob Hubler.

Hubler is no flame-thrower. He simply wants to expand renewable fuels through incentives that Steve King has voted against. He wants to provide health insurance for more children from poor families; King voted against this, too. Hubler, a veteran of submarine service in the Navy, wants to make sure that our veterans get the protection they need in service and the care they need after discharge. He wants to put an end to torture of detainees in US custody; King described such torture as something like fraternity hazing.

Hubler is the best chance Western Iowa has to take our government back to the people where it belongs.

It can be done. All it takes is for you to vote for Rob Hubler next month. We can change Congress and the course that America is taking.

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