Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain shows desperation, surrenders on economy

Early in Tuesday’s substance-packed presidential town hall debate, U.S. Sen. John McCain made a remarkable admission. In worsening economic times, when the U.S. Treasury secretary has unprecedented powers, the GOP standard-bearer’s first suggestion to fill that money position is Warren Buffett, the so-called oracle of Omaha, who is perhaps U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s highest-profile supporter in the financial world.

McCain has surrendered on the economy in what was another losing debate for his campaign.

An analogy leaps to mind: Were times different and social and cultural issues in the fore, would Obama have suggested that the head cheerleader for Team McCain on those matters, Sarah Palin, be given a position at the tip of the spear on that front as, say, a nominee to the Supreme Court?

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