Saturday, August 30, 2008

Technorat issues

One of the reasons I have not been posting on this site today is because of issues with technorati. The program is acting really strange. Not updating for traffic on this site and others. They apparently have some new rules.


Sunshine said...

A friend of mine said she knows somebody who just recently left Technorati (as an employee) and that the entire organization is a disaster.

Everyone I know is talking about their "rank" going down inexplicably (even if their feed numbers are increasing, which seems incongruous) and links from other sites are not being reflected from my blog, I know that. Some of the sites it is linking say stuff like it was posted 14,679 days ago. Uh, Technorati, you're a little bit off there.

Somebody needs to get their act together, sadly, some writing opportunities factor in Technorati rank and right now it doesn't seem to be particularly accurate, whereas page reads would be a better number and feed reads as well.

For me, at least right now, Technorati has no viability. It's a mess.

Jannie "Funster" said...

Iowa, keep getting the news out! You could be the one who makes all the difference on Nov. 4th. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir but all of us together will make it happen.

McCain / Palin!!