Friday, July 04, 2008

Palin Could Help Move Gas-Price Issue To GOP

The Phoeniz Business Journal publishes a piece examining the potential Republican presidential candidate John McCain selecting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a running mate -- noting her social conservative credentials and support of drilling in ANWR.

Not only could she invigorate the campaign with youth and enthusiasm but the presence of an Alaskan, with experience on the energy issue, could help move the gas price matter to the Republican camp.

Here is the Phoenix Business Journal:

The drawback for Palin is that she's not experienced, said Farrell Quinlan, president of In The Arena Public Affairs.

"Like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Alaska's Sarah Palin seems destined to be on the GOP ticket someday. However, their relative inexperience for the presidency likely means they will have to wait for another four years. On the other hand, Palin or Jindal would be excellent vice presidential nominees if the McCain camp determines that they need a much younger running mate and the experience argument against Obama is not undermined by the pick," Quinlan said.

Public relations and political consultant Jason Rose agrees, but sees some possible upside. Rose did work for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney during the Republican presidential primaries.

"She would be like a highly anticipated movie premiering with quite a bang. The question would be if her box office receipts and critical reviews could hold up in the following weeks. Time will tell if she fizzles out like Geraldine Ferraro or becomes a fall blockbuster," Rose said.


Ted said...

Anybody familiar with Sarah Palin's career knows that she is no fizzle. She IS the real thing, much much much more than a Geraldine Ferraro.

Dave from Illinois said...

She has more experience than Obama and hers is executive experience, which by the way Obama has none of.