Monday, July 21, 2008

How to Deal With Energy Prices

My friend Elmer Schettler, president of Carroll-based Devansoy, a leading supplier of all natural soy ingredients, has some interesting thoughts on our current energy situation.

Here is Schettler:

This spring Anne and I bought a new, year old scooter at dealer cost. The
dealer could not sell it last year because lack of interest. We did so to
make trips at 73 MPG instead of our cars 28-30 mpg. Within two week the
dealer was sold out all the scooters on hand, dealers from CA to NY were
calling offering $500.00 over dealer cost plus freight just to get one
because the demand is so high right now. If you ordered a new Scooter now
it would not be delivered till October 08 and the price went up 15-20%.

Anne has spoken to several equestrians locally who report the price of
pleasure horses has dropped from $3- 4000 last year to $200 to $1000, if
you can sell them. The price of hay, like all agricultural products, has
double and tripled in the past year. Some, who cannot sell and cannot
afford hay and grain, are taking the horse to the National Forest or Ute
Reservation - and turning them loose, abandoning them.

Others are looking for buggies. They want to keep the horse and feel they
may as well get some transportation out of them.

I'm not suggesting you invest in a buggy whip factory, however, it will be
interesting to see what happens in the next 18 months in many different

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