Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama's solution: Run With Hillary, Move Her From VP To Supreme Court

While there are clear signs that Hillary Clinton could help Barack Obama win the general election as his running mate, the rub comes with governing, both in dealing with the New York senator's ego and the presence of Bill Clinton who would appear as something of a Lurch figure from "The Addams Family" in the political picture of the day.

There is a solution for Obama, though, and we raised it with U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, just moments ago. Obama could have it both ways with Clinton -- use her on the ticket for the win and then not have to govern with her -- if he cuts a quiet deal with Hillary to appoint her from the vice presidency to the U.S. Supreme Court in the months after inauguration.

"That just sounds way, way, way, way, way, way too far-fetched," Harkin said.

Harkin said he has heard many schemes and theories about the Obama/Clinton relationship floating around Washington, D.C. but not this one.

"I've heard everything else but I haven't heard that," Harkin said.

Harkin doubted such a deal would have legs as it would come off as game-playing with the presidency.

"I don't think Barack Obama is going to play that kind of game at all," Harkin said.

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