Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senator Harkin launches “Building Blue” to support Iowa Legislative candidates

Harkin to help build progressive network for November, provide $30,000 in campaign contributions to Democratic Iowa General Assembly candidates

Des Moines, IA -- Senator Tom Harkin has launched an innovative online contest on his campaign website at, via an email, and online video to supporters. The contest, called "Building Blue" aims to help build a progressive infrastructure for the general election in November by providing $30,000 to Democratic candidates running for the Iowa House of Representatives and the Iowa Senate.

“In 2004 George Bush won Iowa. In 2006 Iowa Democrats turned things around by winning the Governorship and the General Assembly because we did an outstanding job of grassroots organizing,” said Senator Harkin. “Building Blue is a way to not only support local Democratic candidates with the resources they need to win-- it strengthens our Democratic organization.”

Since Monday, supporters of Senator Tom Harkin have visited the “Building Blue” website at and submitted their nominations for their favorite Iowa Senate and House candidates. Voting for the nominations is open until May 27.

On May 28, the top 20 House candidates and the top ten Senate candidates will be announced and entered into the second round. Supporters of these candidates can visit to vote for their favorite candidate. The five House candidates and five Senate candidates with the most votes win a $2,000 contribution from Tom Harkin.
Voting in the second round will be open from May 28 to June 2.

The third and final round of voting will take place from June 3 until June 17. The top finishers will each win a grand prize, an additional $5,000 contribution from Senator Tom Harkin. “My campaign is focusing on a Democratic sweep from the statehouse to the White House, and this innovative online contest will help us get this accomplished.”

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