Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton Will Bow Out in Early June According to Betting Analysts

Hillary Clinton’s win in West Virginia may have bolstered her waning campaign, but will it prove to be the catalyst that propels her into the Oval Office?

With the Kentucky and Oregon primaries only a week away – which are sure to be two more major determining factors in this historic presidential race – analysts at England-based posted odds on Clinton dropping out of the battle for the White House for good, as well as on whom the winner will be and which party will come out on top.

Will Hillary Clinton Drop Out of the Democratic Race?

Between May 14th and May 20th -- 9/4
Between May 21st and June 1st -- 9/5
Between June 2nd and June 3rd -- 9/4
Between June 4th and August 30th -- 1/4
She will not drop out of the race -- 4/5

Who Will Be the 2008 Presidential Winner?

Hillary Clinton -- 9/1
Barack Obama -- 20/33
John McCain -- 29/20
The Field -- 45/1

Which Party Will Win The Presidency?

Republican Party -- 9/1
Democratic Party -- 20/33
Any Other Party -- 50/1

“At this point it’s difficult to determine just what Clinton is trying to achieve,” said Esteban Siles, Spokesperson for “Whether or not she remains in the race as a point of pride is debatable, but regardless, her presidential future is fast becoming increasingly precarious. As her campaign and funds diminish, the window of opportunity for her competitors continues to grow.”

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