Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Patriot Majority Today" Is Launched as News-Based Website

First Installment Includes "32 Things Bush & McCain Don't Want You to Know About the Decline of U. S. Military"

Washington, DC – Patriot Majority for a Stronger America, a 501(c)4 organization, today launched the website "Patriot Majority Today" (

Patriot Majority Today is a news and information source for Americans who want our country to move in a new direction on issues of importance and who believe that the misguided leadership of the Bush Administration has created a crisis that must be fixed. This news-based web site will uncover issues ignored by conservative policy makers and under-reported in the media.

Patriot Majority for a Stronger America is a related organization to Patriot Majority, a 527 that ran issue ads in Massachusetts in 2006 and Ohio in 2007.

The main features in today's launch of the website Patriot Majority Today are:

— 32 Things Bush & McCain Don't Want You to Know About the Decline of U. S. Military Readiness, an investigative piece detailing the rapid and unprecedented decline in military readiness that has undermined long-term American security interests across the globe and here at home.

— Governors Take Lead on Energy Independence, a summary of how states – in the absence of federal leadership – have led the way on energy independence for America.

— Updates and continuously refreshed news feeds on the price of gas, federal debt, dollar-exchange rates, national security, energy independence, education and other subjects crucial to America's standing in the world and here at home.

According to Craig Varoga, President of Patriot Majority for a Stronger America:

"Too many issues are being ignored by our national leaders, especially conservative policy makers, including the decline of military readiness, our dependence on foreign oil, selling our national debt to foreign countries and failing to improve our schools so that they prepare our students for the 21st Century.

In 2006 and 2007, Patriot Majority -- a related 527 organization -- ran successful issue ads in Massachusetts and Ohio. Patriot Majority Today continues in this tradition of promoting patriotic service to make America stronger.

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