Friday, April 04, 2008

Iowa GOP Blasts Harkin For McCain Comments

Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Tim Albrecht blasted U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin for comments the Hawkeye State Democrat made Thursday on a conference call in response to questions from Iowa Independent. Harkin suggested McCain's reported temper, something the likely GOP presidential candidate has talked about this week, posed potential danger for the nation should McCain win in November.

“Tom Harkin’s remarks are shameful," Albrecht said. "Sen. McCain has honorably served his country, and deserves admiration and respect. Perhaps Sen. Harkin should focus on his own party’s presidential race, where there is plenty of mud to go around. Unfortunately, Tom Harkin’s liberal record mirrors that of his would-be nominee, and he goes to excruciating lengths to distance himself from it every 6 years, when his own name is on the ballot.

“The only thing that is ‘scary’ to Tom Harkin is Sen. McCain’s strength as the Republican nominee.”

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