Friday, April 18, 2008

Challenger: King Can't Back Up Muslim Stereotyping

Rob Hubler, Democratic candidate for Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District, says U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, is finally being called out for his habitual use of extreme rhetoric.

“When confronted with having to actually prove his statements he is silent,” Hubler said referring to the incumbent’s claims that many fraudulent religious work visas were coming from mosques. Several Washington lawmakers challenged the validity of the remarks, but King’s only response was to drop his objection over the visa program’s extension.

“Didn’t he tell the Sioux City Rotary Club that his remarks are thought out, researched ahead of time, and are not off the cuff,” Hubler asked. “I guess if he is not prepared to back up those statements, the least he can do is build up a reserve of apologies.”

“The incumbent should be concerned with making Congress address the rising cost of gasoline, the trillion dollar deficit, and the specific needs of the Fifth District instead of fostering stereotypes,” Hubler added. “Those are the concerns I hear from of the people of western Iowa as I travel throughout its thirty-two counties pledging to bring them Real Representation in Congress.”

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