Monday, March 10, 2008

Schulte Makes It Official: She's Out Of Race

Two-time Democratic congressional candidate Joyce Schulte this morning made her expected decision official. She's not running for a third chance to take on U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron.

“While there is a lot of interest in my running again, especially after Bob Chambers took his name out, we surveyed and explored the potential again, and discussed it with family and long time friends, I will let other people have this year, Schulte said. "I will continue to turn my attention and energy to other ways of stimulating this district in economic terms and for kids.”

Schulte and Chambers, a retired businessman from Essex, squared off in the 2006 Democratic primary from which Schulte emerged. Both are out of the 2008 race which at this point clears the field for retired Presbyterian minister Rob Hubler of Council Bluffs.

“It has been my joy to run for Congress in previous campaigns," Schulte said. "The people of the great 5th District are tremendous, and that includes independents and Republicans, as well as the Democrats. I continue to encourage those who work, pay taxes and not registered to become registered and to express their choices at election time. I especially welcome people to the Democratic party.

“I will continue to work with Iowa, especially, to remove heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic and others from our immunizations and vaccinations. I will continue to work for more effective educational methods and find ways to encourage greater academic success. In essence, kids will be my major effort, including my grandchildren! I anticipate more travel and internet work.”

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Jody said...

Joyce Schulte and Bob Chambers are what we call "good people" in Iowa's 5th congressional district. They've both worked hard -- and with Iowa's best interests at heart -- to make this a better place for all of us. I wish the both of them only the very best.

And, while incumbent Steve King flips through his misogynistic and racist Bible (the one he wrote himself - God forbid he'd include anything resembling the Bible we Christians read), I at least take comfort knowing we've got candidate Rob Hubler out there, trying his best to deal with this train wreck of a reputation Steve King has stamped on our 5th district.

Steve King does not represent U.S. (Let alone Iowa's 5th Congressional District.)

Men and women alike have been fired from jobs for making comments not as blatantly racist as those King has made. As far as King's Kool-Aid Connoisseurs, I'm betting the Rev. Jim Jones is smiling from Jonestown, Guyana, and dancing in the Streets of Hell as he beckons to the college-dropout Iowa congressman and all his flock... "come join us, and bring all your ignorant parishioners with you...and if I've taught you anything, they won't even ask if the drink is cherry or grape. They'll just Drink It."

God Help US.

Rob Hubler, we're depending on you. No more "retired" minister status. If you ever had the Lord's work cut out for you, that time is NOW. I hope you're ready for a fight with the devil. But, You can do it. And then bury this five-cent incumbent charlatan who sells Kool-Aid by the five-gallon bucket. God willing, even his thirstiest drinkers aren't buying his poison anymore.