Friday, March 28, 2008

Hubler Says King In Denial On Iraq

Rob Hubler, Democratic candidate for Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District, says the incumbent is turning a blind eye to the recent acts of violence in Iraq all for the sake of extreme political partisanship.

“He is in a state of denial,” Hubler said. “Over the last five years our brave servicemen and women have been fighting and dying in this illegal war. A war that has lasted longer and cost more than was initially projected. A war that has seen the number of our allies involved dwindle. And a war whose motives continually change every time the preceding excuses are proven false. All we have is the mounting number of casualties, which reached another grim milestone with the number of killed in action reaching four thousand this past holiday weekend. Moreover, this incumbent, who has no military experience, continues making bellicose statements on how we must continue our occupation until victory is reached, even though he is unable to define what constitutes a victory.”

Hubler, a Navy veteran from the Vietnam-era is issuing a challenge to the incumbent in debating him on the issue in a public forum.

“In trying to defend the polarizing and extremist statements about this war, he has publicly asked, ‘what kind of nation are we if we can’t have open dialogue?’”, he said referring to the incumbent’s comments made to members of the local Rotary Club in Sioux City on Monday. “If that is the case, let us have such a dialogue so the people of western Iowa can determine who will bring real representation to the Fifth District. I believe in a strong national defense for our country in the war against terror. But I also believe our servicemen and women, our ‘precious blood’, must not be used to further extreme political ideology or corporate conquest.”

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