Monday, February 04, 2008

Video: Labor Forum In Spanish

DENISON -- In accordance with its mission, "to educate and orient to the latin american community of the northwest of Iowa," LA PRENSA, a western Iowa Spanish-language newspaper, recently Educational Forum: LABOR COMPENSACION AND PERSONNELS.INJURIES. Jamie Byrne, bilingual lawyer with Max Schott & Associates in Des Moines and specialist in laws and rights of the workers, talked with members of Denison's growing Latin community at the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church following services there.

(En cumplimiento de nuestra misión, “Educar y orientar a la comunidad latina del noroeste de Iowa.” LA PRENSA, presenta Foro Educativo: COMPENSACION LABORAL Y DANOS PERSONALES. Bajo la responsabilidad del Lic. James (Jamie) Byrne, abogado bilingüe y especialista en leyes y derechos de los trabajadores.)

The following is video the event (In Spanish):


Cámara: Douglas Burns -- Iowa Independent
Lorena López -- La Prensa

Edición: Jon Sampson
Agradecemos la colaboración del padre Paul Kelly, párrafo de la Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima. Denison, Iowa.


LA PRENSA Hispanic Newspaper


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