Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ohio Democratic Presidential Debate Live Blog Tonight

Iowa Political Alert and Iowa Independent's Douglas Burns will be live-blogging the Democratic presidential debate in Ohio tonight starting at 8 p.m. CST on MSNBC.

8:06 - Hillary denies that her campaign is behind that Druge photo of Obama in Somalia clothing.

8:07: Obama in classy move says he takes Hillary at her word,

8:11: Clinton accuses Obama of being in bed with health insurance companies because she thinks her plan is better. "I think it is imperative that we stand as Democrats fo universal health care."

8:12: Good comeback from Obama who makes the point that in Mass. people are being fined because they don't buy mandated health-care.

8:13: Any Democrat who doesn't know the differenes between these health-cate plans shoouldn;t be allowed to vote. Now Hillary makes the FDR Social Security reference, saying Obama's failure to mandate is like a weak FDR New Deal idea.

8:15: Obama says he doesn't want adults to be in situation where subsidies are inadequate and people get fined.

8:19 Another cheap line from Clinton asking if Obama needs another pillow to be comfortable, referencing a SNL skit. Obama wisely goes off on NAFTA.

8:24 Tim Russert asks Clinton if she will get out of NAFTA. She says he will renegotiate. Russert notes that she said NAFTA was a big winner for her husband in the 1990s.

8:26 Clinton is not handling NAFTA very well.

8:27 Like Clinton says he will renegotiate. Use "hammer" of opt out as leverage with Canada and Mexico. Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama in spite of his oppo to Nafta, Obama says. "We can't draw a moat around us," he said. "What I want to be is advocateon behalf of workers." seven years in which Bush looking out for well-heeled. "We're going to have to invest in infrascture to make sure US is competitive.
Rural reference with alternative fuels. Has plans on that.

8:31 Russert pledge to keep 5 million jobs. Net loss of jobs in Buffalo after her 2000 senate campaign qwhen she promised 200,000 in that area. "What happened in 2000" was that she thought Al Gore was going to be in White House. Install solar panels is one way for jobs, she says. Germany made a big bet on solar power. "These are jobs that cannot be outsourced."

8:34 Brian Williams ask about Clinton's attacks on Obama foreign policy experience.
Obama says he made right choice on Iraq.

8:37 Williams asks if Obama is ready to be president. Clinton says Obama didn't have responsibility when he spoke against war in 2002. Says she and Obama have voted the same. When not speech but action she and Obama are same on Iraq. Accuses Obama of threatening to bomb Pakistan last summer in debate. Says he shouldn't agree to meet with some or worst dictators with nothing hammered out in advance.

8:39 Obama made his anti-war speech in midst of Senate campaign. "One we had driven the bus into the ditch there are only so many ways to get out." Never said he would bomb Pakistan but would target bin Laden is evidence he is in Pakistan. Obama confident and presidential here.

8:45 Clinton really good on Russerts hypothetical question about iraq, standing strong and saying his questions are full of assumptions. She gets in a fair, strong hit on Obama with foreign relations committee experience, saying he hasn't subcommittee oversight hearings with Europe.

8:47: Good straight talk from Obama noting that he has not held those hearings because he took over subcommittee as prez campaign started. reserves right to act in Iraq and elsewhere if terrorist organizations planning there.

8:53 Obama gets good line off about Clinton having good delivery on some her slams against his hope talking. He effortlessly brushes off these attacks from her. Obama says his ethics reform legislation is significant.

8:57 Clinton says larger point is she can slug it out for health-care. "I know it takes a fighter," she says.

Invest money in American middle class.

Clinton's body language is better in this debate than the last. Confident. Not shrill yet. Hitting her points.

8:59 Obama notes that Clinton counts First Lady experience and has to take responsibility and credit for what happened in Clinton Administration in 1990s. Can't say she was working against NAFTA privately behind the scences. Obama says Clinton had good intention with health-care but went with fighter instinct instead of being a negotiator and concilliator. "I am absolutely clear that hope is not enough." "We're going to have to mobilize and inspire the American people to pay attention to what their government is doing." He's right that this substantive thing, not romantic whimsy.

9:05 Russert asks about President Clinton's tax returns, that they should be released as a result of 5 million loan to her campaign. Hillary Clinton says her campaing has hundreds of thousands people. Gets in hillaryclinton.com. Says she will release the tax returns upon becoming nominee or even earlier. "I'm a little busy right now." National archives released 10,000 pages of schedule as her first lady. Why not release the report of this, says Russert. Hillary ready for that, she says.

9:09 Obama brilliant answer on Farrakhan support. Says he can't tell somebody not to believe that he is a good guy. Russet hammer on this. Obama says strong support from Jewish community. The notion that he's a bigot or connected to some is not sicking. Civil rights movement involves Jewish people and blacks. Great switching this history in response to some hard questions. Really on his feet on this answer. Home run for Obama.

9:12 Clinton says she would reject support of people like Rev. Farrakhan. Good counterpoint. "There's a difference between denouncing and rejecting."

Obama just won the debate by saying he didn't think there was a difference between rejecting and denouncing but since Clinton does he would concede the point and reject Farrakhan support. I laughed and audience at Cleveland State responded in kind. He's cutting through the usual politics and linguistics haze of Clintonism with this answer. Highlight of his debating performances in the presidential campaign season.

9:23 Russert asks about Russian election. Who is Putin's successor? Clinton gives great answer and Russet goes all trivial pursuit. Had Obama got this question first and not known it would have been a big hit ... Russert should have gone at Obama first on this ... fact that Hillary fumbles pronounciation no big deal.

9:26 Clinton says she would have taken back vote on Iraq in 2002.

9:30 Obama has good moment with positive comments about Hillary.

9:32 Clinton "I still intend to do everything I can to win. It has been an honor." Who can actually change, Clinton asks. Says she can do it with experience. Very measured comments.


MahoganyShotgun said...

Hillary’s behavior concerning Farrakhan's endorsement was Clintonian language of what the word IS is. Denounce and reject are, according to the dictionary, synonyms. I am disappointed in Hillary's Bill-Phonics. Obama said SEVERAL times that Farrakhan's endorsement was unsolicited and unwelcomed and was denounced by his campaign. Obama was quite clear. Even after Obama made himself quite clear, Hillary wanted to belabor the point.

Obama doesn't belabor the point on issues or trivia. He’s smart enough to move on. If he agrees, he agrees. If he doesn't agree, then he will level-headedly disagree and state his point of view.

Hillary was very DISRESPECTFUL to the moderators and to the debate due process, which is why the moderators practically had to become aggressive in cutting her off. Because Hillary was disrespectful of the process, she illicited an unfavorableness from the moderators. Hillary is not someone I would send on a PEACE mission or agenda... she would do nothing short of riling opposition with her bullying style.

Seeing Hillary's debate STYLE, is a window into her personable relations and communication skills with others, which is very poor. She has shown her capacity to make enemies out of friends.

Obama’s personable relations and communication skills enables COOPERATION and diffuses the unnecessary. I would definitely send him to Geneva for peace talks or to the United Nations and trust his ability to carry himself in a progress-full manner. I can trust that he’s not a hot-head, not even when being attacked below the belt. He is so steady, that just that alone frustrates the Clintons.

Hillary says she's tried, yet the young so-called "inexperienced" Barack can get right under her skin like nothing ...just by being himself. Hillary once asked, "Who would you rather see answering the red phone at 3:am in the morning?" I would prefer it be Barack Obama, not the multiple personalities of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary says she’s a fighter, yet she has proven that she doesn’t make smart choices about what fights to engage in and what fight tactics would yield the most favorable results. Her campaign strategy has also shown this, that she doesn’t “pick” smart fights.

People are diverse in this great nation.

We are not all book smart, who can sit down and analyze congressional service records. We do not all have access to the internet to research various articles and substantive documents and have the time to analyze EACH of them. We are diverse in our educational and critical thinking backgrounds. Most of us do not STORE in our long term memory, a myriad of accomplishments of the candidates. We are also diverse in our INTUITIVE awareness and experience. There is a reason why potential employers don’t just review your resume and call your references –but want to also call you in for an interview to get that “first impression” and observe you as you answer questions –FEEL you. You can have an impressive resume, but if your personality stinks, you won’t get the job.

For many Americans, OBSERVATIONS during the campaigning process sample quite well the experience, the leadership, the personality, the integrity, the communication skills, the overall ideology, etc. that they perceive favorable in a candidate. The campaign reflects the candidate.

People are drawn to Obama, because of his experience organizing the local “mom & pop” support for a common goal across the country toward his election; his calm and strategic leadership especially against attacks; his overall welcoming personality; his open-book integrity of disclosing earmarks, tax returns, his past as written in his book, his public service record; his energizing communication skills that keep the “troops” encouraged; and his overall ideology of inclusion of who so ever will come together to work for change --let them come, because yes WE can make the changes WE are seeking.

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