Tuesday, December 11, 2007

National Review Blog Discusses My Obama Story

This appeared in The National Review's campaign spot blog today:

Headline: Muslim e-mail? Check. Talking Up Obama's Cocaine Use? Check.

Having ditched some volunteers for spreading the "Obama is secretly a Muslim" e-mail, the Hillary campaign takes the high road. (Okay, except for digging for dirt in his younger days in Chicago.) Her allies, however....

Other Democratic activists have quietly received messages from Clinton allies pointing in the likely direction. Those messages provided a link to an Iowa Independent story by Douglas Burns headlined "The Politics Of Obama's Past Cocaine Use."

For once, it would be nice to see a candidate come out and say what they think, instead of trying to circulate rumors, innuendo, and past misdeeds through back channels. If Hillary Clinton really thinks Barack Obama's past cocaine use ought to disqualify him from the presidency, she should just come out and say so.

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