Friday, December 21, 2007

Joe Biden in Carroll


James said...

I Hope and pray everyday that the people of Iowa are listening and get it right.

If our country was in the middle of prosperity, and the economic picture wasn't bleak with the debt we've incurred (not to mention record high oil prices)...if we didn't have our brave men and women abroad spilling their blood and losing their lives...if we didn't have Armageddon going on in the Middle East, and possible turmoil in Pakistan (a nuclear power), not to mention tensions with China, Iran, Russia, and keeping our eye on what happens with our ally Israel. If there wasn't so much critical attention needed to this world and our own country, I wouldn't really care who we elect. But we are not in a stable place as a nation, and our trust and credibility have been severely damaged around the globe. There is a clear and intelligent choice to make as Americans, and we cannot fail again.

I met Joe for the third time a couple weeks ago. On this occasion, it was of a more intimate setting, and I was able to speak with him for a little while. When he first made his way into the gathering, he approached the small group I had the pleasure of speaking with. He introduced himself, and we all began to speak with him. When he turned to me and reached out his hand, I told him my name and he seemed to recognize who I was (or I'd like to think so), maybe because of my video I produced to show my support for him. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in. I was not in awe of the man per say, and that is a reflection of how Joe puts you at ease. Instead, I felt an enormous respect. A profound respect for who he is as a man, a father, and a servant. He instills what seems to be a deep trust that can't be specifically explained, but indeed it is there and it is inspiring. I told him I was a struggling actor, and he told me a story about when he was first running for the Senate, and how difficult it was to be rejected, and put down often during his young campaign.

It was a wonderful evening, and I must say, to be in the room with someone like Joe Biden, you feel like America still has a chance to be great again. You walk away with a deep yearning in your heart to do whatever you can...whatever you can to lift Joe Biden up to our nation's highest office because America deserves him...needs him. He of the best we have. And I do not have a single doubt that Joe Biden will mend our broken nation, and build it back to greatness...and the rest of the world will follow.

People of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina...America's future is in your hands.

James DiSalvatore

Please watch my video and send the link to family and friends and ask them to do the same.

James said...

That link is:

Winghunter said...

Gee-whiz James, it's great that you had fun meeting a man you would enjoy having a beer with but, we're looking for a president and not your new buddy.

Also, the list of jumbled issues and wrongheaded conclusions you offer demonstrates that you would do well spending less time in prayer and more in researching the subjects in their entirety.

Of course, that's just my opinion.

BSI said...

"It’s time for a president to stand up and remind the American people that we have promises to keep---promises to the world, promises to one another, promises to our children and to our grandchildren. In rededicating ourselves to the hard work of fulfilling those promises, we restore America as the hope of the world and the vision of a brighter future.”

Make a New Year's Resolution with America for Me!

Watch this:

T.M. Lindsey said...


You may want to heed your own advice and do a little research when expousing cliched metaphors (e.g. "man you would enjoy having a beer with"). Joe Biden doesn't drink and has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life, but I'm sure you knew that, having researched your subject in its entirety.

But again, that's just my opinion.

Catrina said...

James, you were SPOT ON then, and even more so now. Winghunter's an idiot. All of your "jumbled issues and wrongheaded conclusions" that the Wing nut suggested you were making have been eerily on the money. I've seen your video on Joe (I got a copy from a friend in Iowa), and thank you for your passion.