Friday, December 28, 2007

Is Richardson Talking Himself Out Of Hillary's VP Slot?

Douglas Burns: Governor, in a recent release you sent out you were critical of Hillary Clinton on, you called it, "a stunning flip-flop," on Iraq. Not to get too much into the vice presidential speculation but that would almost seem to be a voodoo economics moment. It would be awfully hard for her to select you now that you have suggested she had a stunning flip-flop on the most important issue of our time.

Gov. Bill Richardson: I don't want to be vice president. I'm going to win the nomination. I'm not in this to be vice president. And I'm fair. I defended her when I thought she was being attacked on a personal level, but you know, she flip-flops on Iraq. She has. I don't know what her position is now. I guess the biggest distinction between me and her is that I get all the troops out in one year. And she still gets them out in five years. But she's now saying one year, but it's really five years if you ask her, 'Would you leave troops behind?' Her answer is 'yes.' I just don't know where she is now. She should be clear about where she stands. Iraq is the most important issue facing our country. But I'm not running to be vice president. This doesn't interest me. I'll go back and be governor of New Mexico. I got three years to go. But I'm going to win this nomination. I'm going to pull an upset.

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