Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gay Bashing Should Be Reserved For Sundays

(Commentary) What does gay marriage really mean for the straight majority?

Are gay recruiting squads going to sprout up and turn people? Will America devolve into ancient Sparta, where male homosexuality was compulsory?

Hardly. "Real" men will still watch re-runs of Baywatch, and the Miss Makita tool girl will be the biggest draw for men in Carroll, Iowa, if one visits General Rental here again.

In an episode of the wildly popular HBO show “Entourage,” one of the 20-something straight white guys, someone who dates interracially and is even represented professionally by an Asian homosexual, sums up the view of many heterosexual guys I know:

“Bring your gay friends to the party. I just don’t want to see any touching or kissing.”

Taking the “Entourage” view I’m proposing a compromise: Gay marriages should be legalized — as long as the couples aren’t allowed to kiss publicly at the end of the ceremony.

I’m all for civil rights and even civil unions. But I just don’t want to see two guys kissing. There was enough of that in the movie “The Crying Game” for a lifetime.

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