Sunday, August 12, 2007

Romney-Huckabee: Does Straw Poll 1-2 Finish Presage 2008 Ticket?

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Apparently anyone who can lose 110 pounds shouldn't be taken lightly.

While Mitt Romney's organizational juggernaut prevailed like the Soviets in hockey back in the day, the headline from the Iowa Straw Poll today is one from hope, both Arkansas (boyhood home of an obesity-beating governor) and message.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee proved clairvoyant with one of his own lines in Hilton Coliseum on Saturday.

"The soil is awfully fertile in the valley," Huckabee said.

Coming from among the pack, Huckabee finished second in the straw poll with 2,587 votes of the 14,302 cast. Mitt Romney pulled in 4,516.

While the fire-breathing Coloradoan Tom Tancredo rhetorically punched up immigrants, and other candidates just failed to connect (scoreboard, baby), Romney and Huckabee both offered messages that were decidedly optimistic, and in Huckabee's case, funny.

"A Republican in my state feels about as out of place as a Michael Vick at the Westminster Dog Show," Huckabee said. If you don't get that joke you're not voting in any Republican primaries or caucuses anyway.

You can read the rest of the story at Iowa Independent.

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