Thursday, August 30, 2007

Art Neu: Craig Episode May Help End 'Nonsense' Of Social Issue Dominance

The unfolding story surrounding U.S. Sen. Larry Craig has reinforced former Iowa Lt. Gov. Art Neu's view that the Republican Party should focus on economic and foreign policy issues, public-sphere matters of grave seriousness, rather than banking on values-posturing that so often exposes human frailty and outright hypocrisy.

What's more, Neu, a Carroll attorney and something of an ambassador from an era of more civil politics -- the days of Robert Ray's governorship -- said he thinks President Bush's unpopularity and a cascade of scandals involving the "terrible" hypocrisy of social conservatives could crack open the door to an older-school Republican approach he and Ray represented in Iowa.

"I don't think it's necessary that candidates keep telling us what good Christians they are," Neu said. "The people I knew in politics who were good Christians didn't have to announce it."

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