Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Bush Administration Targeting Transgender Americans?

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The executive director of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association tells Iowa Independent today that he believes the Bush Administration is using the IRS to target the nation's transgender population.

Joel Ginsberg of the GLMA says he is disappointed with the IRS decision to disallow a deduction for a 57-year-old Bostonian who underwent a sex-change operation and sought to write off $25,000 in expenses on her taxes.

The IRS is fighting out the matter with the woman in U.S. Tax Court.

“It just saddens me that tax policy is being used in this administration to target a vulnerable segment of the population,” Ginsberg tells Iowa Independent.

He added, “I do wonder whether the larger goal is to discredit the idea of gender transition.”

It would make more sense for the IRS to use its limited resources on going after million-dollar-plus tax cheats, Ginsberg said.

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