Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Rooseveltian Performance Dominates Debate

(Cross-posted at Iowa Independent)
U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton started off the Democratic presidential candidate debate at Howard University tonight like Ted Ginn Jr. did the national college football championship: she returned the kickoff for a touchdown.

Unlike Ginn's Ohio State, though, Clinton finished what she started, connecting emotionally with the largely minority audience, showing depth, detailed knowledge and spot-on timing in shifting from toughness to empathy.

In this the third debate, Clinton dominated. She looked and sounded presidential with whip-smart responses. Even the most oiled-down spin-doctors will have trouble greasing this one and persuading reasonable political observers that anyone but Hillary Clinton captured this debate.

Let's great right to the point: Hillary Clinton is running away with the debates. She is clearly qualified to be president and is building momentum with these showings. What Democrat wouldn't take his or her chances with Hillary Clinton against a Republican in a debate now?

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