Monday, September 18, 2006

Iowans for Nussle and Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC Join to Support Republican Headquarters in Key Iowa Counties

Dubuque, Johnson, Linn, Pottawattamie and Woodbury Counties opening headquarters to aid in Republican turnout effort

DES MOINES – Jim Nussle, Republican Candidate for Governor, and Mitt Romney, honorary chair of the Commonwealth PAC and Republican Governor of Massachusetts, today announced a joint effort to provide financial support to Republican Headquarters in five key Iowa counties.

“I want to thank Governor Romney and Commonwealth PAC for their support. Together, we’re proud to put the best possible grassroots campaign together to turn out the vote on November 7,” said Nussle. Nussle went on to say that the county headquarters program they are funding will serve as key phone banks and volunteer centers in critical counties.

Governor Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC has already given substantial financial support to Republican candidates across Iowa and the country, but says he’s particularly proud of the support for volunteers.

“We know that Republicans win when they combine the best message, the strongest candidate, and the most organized and effective volunteer effort,” said Romney. “With Jim Nussle, Iowans have an extraordinary leader to take the state forward – with vision and purpose. Now it’s time to give the volunteers the tools they need to win. I’m happy that we can be a part of this campaign.”

David Overholtzer, co-chairman of the Pottawattamie County Republican Party, says the Nussle and Commonwealth PAC funds will help their county deliver a winning margin to the Nussle campaign. “Jim Nussle’s campaign can count on our county – not just winning the county, but with enough votes to help win Iowa. We appreciate his campaign’s support and the support of Mitt Romney and his Commonwealth PAC. Funding our headquarters means we can focus on getting out the vote, and not have to worry as much about fundraising,” said Overholtzer.

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