Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Christian Alliance challenges Culver on abortion

Iowa Christian Alliance is calling on Chet Culver, Democrat candidate for Governor, to explain exactly where he stands on abortion.

“We have heard a lot about abortion in the last few days, and have asked a man to clarify his position who has a 16 year voting record and has filled in our survey clearly telling us where he stands on abortion. Since Chet Culver has chosen to disregard our attempts to secure answers to our survey, we would like to ask him three simple questions about abortion,” stated Steve Scheffler, President of the organization.

“First, would Chet Culver sign a bill banning partial birth abortions in the state of Iowa; second, would Chet Culver sign a bill designed to mandate that the doctor provide notification to the parent(s) before a child under the age of 14 undergoes an abortion; third, would Chet Culver sign a bill that outlaws abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy? Our questions are simple and the answers should be simple too. All we need is a simple yes or no to each of the three questions,” finished Scheffler.

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