Saturday, August 26, 2006

Are bounties next outlandish proposal on immigration?

Washington insiders tell Iowa Political Alert that some right-wingers in western Iowa have advocated a plan to place bounties on illegal immigrants, creating a system similar to the Fugitive Slave Law. These bounty advocates, who have brought up the matter with at least one politician, have said that it would be the best way to keep illegals out of the state.

Crazy meanderings or something to watch? Hopefully, the former, but with immigration one of the few issues gaining traction for the GOP, don't be surprised to see someone trot this idea out there.

You can just see some of the yahoos in this part of the state loading up their ATVs with beer and heading out for a night of "Dog The Bounty Hunter." Surely there would be no violence or race war potential with any of this ...

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